As a realtor, it’s not every day you come across a valuable service that is not only free but also saves you time and energy.

But today is that day.

Enter the Utility Concierge Service.

The reason every realtor should be using a Utility Concierge Service can be summed up with 4 impacting benefits.


Benefit # 1 – Stand Out From The Competition

53% of buyers & 66% of sellers select their agent based on a direct relationship like past customer, friend or a referral from a past customer or friend.

The bad news: the average homeowner knows 8-10 realtors.

This true story illustrates how offering a utility concierge service can noticeably set you apart from your competition:

A realtor named Jarrett approached the founder of our company, Tyler, saying “I lost a sale because of you.”

Tyler was taken aback and asked him what happened.

Jarrett said that one of his prospective clients chose another agent, Mary, to represent them.

The reason?

Mary offered the prospective client our free Utility Concierge Service.

According to the client, that was it. That was the deciding factor.

Mary mentioned our Utility Concierge Service. Jarrett didn’t.

You can imagine Tyler’s facial expression going from a frown to a smile that communicated to Jarrett that he should have been offering our service to his clients.

How many deals are you potentially losing due to blending in too much with the competition and you’re not even aware of it?

Plus, if that client is worth $5,000-$7,000 or more in commission (not to mention the referrals that this happy client could have given you), is it worth it to offer a utility concierge service? The obvious answer is yes.

Because the majority of realtors leave the hassle of requesting utility connections on their client’s plate, a Utility Concierge Service (such as Utility Boss) is a simple yet effective way to separate yourself from competitors.


Benefit # 2 – Save Time and Reduce Stress

Save time and reduce stress for who?

First, for your client.

According to a survey regarding homebuyers:


  • 40% said buying a home is the most stressful event in modern life

  • 44% said they were nervous throughout the buying process

  • 1 in 3 admitted to shedding tears at some point

  • 2 in 4 experienced anxiety

  • 38% said the whole process took much longer than expected


The survey’s conclusion was that “they [homebuyers] are looking for guidance and assistance to help make the process easier and smoother.”

You can read for yourselves how much homebuyers love using a free utility concierge service due to it making “the process easier and smoother”.

Second, it saves time for you, the realtor.

Your clients will now have their very own Utility Specialist.

No more having to find out what companies your clients need to call.

No more fielding questions from your clients regarding utilities.

No more following up with your clients to make sure they took care of their utilities.

No more getting bogged down with tasks that don’t make you money.

This is completely off your plate now.

Reason # 3 – Functions as a Mini-Close/Commitment Within Your Sales Process

This advantage was pointed out to us by one of our Realtor-Partners (RP).

When I told our RP, Heather, that we reach out to the homebuyer immediately following the home inspection to begin the process of requesting their utilities in their name (which will be activated on the day of closing), she agreed that that was perfect timing.

When asked why, she said because it helps get her clients in an OWNERSHIP MINDSET.

Now that they are beginning the process of requesting utilities in their name, the reality of this house becoming THEIR HOME is all the more tangible. As a result, there’s less chance of them getting cold feet.


Reason # 4 – It’s FREE!

You will be able to offer this service to all your clients for FREE and there’s no catch.

We have special relationships with our service providers (for internet, TV, home security) wherein they pay us to bring them qualified customers.

We are like a broker, a one-stop-shop, that simply searches for the best deals.

For a visual summary of our utility concierge service, watch our explainer video.


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